Legal Warning Strain Machine Online Store

• Strain Machine®, sells packages and collection letters with industrial hemp seeds, none of these are for agricultural use, their germination being prohibited, unless authorized by the responsible authorities, which in the Chilean case is the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG)


• Strain Machine® does not promote or endorse any type of activity in conflict with Chilean laws.


• Strain Machine® does not sell its products to persons under 18 years of age or natural persons.


• Strain Machine® only sells its products to legal entities, with the initiation of activities before the internal tax service, that have the business of marketing collectibles.


• Strain Machine®, is not responsible for the improper use of the products it commercializes.


• Each Strain Machine® customer is responsible for their actions.


• Strain Machine® recommends its clients to be informed about the United Nations Single Convention of 1961, on narcotics (Ratified by Chile and published in the Official Gazette on January 16, 1968) and on Law No. 20,000 on drugs , published on February 16, 2005, in order not to participate in any illegal activity.