The Strain Machines are a group of people who love and grow Cannabis from North America, South America and Europe. Our cultural mix has allowed us to obtain remarkable seeds that reach levels of the highest range with borderless recognition. The Strain Machines are also joined by our irrepressible passion and appreciation for urban artistic expressions. Enthusiastic participants in the broadest cultural spectrum such as music, painting, cinema, illustration, extreme sports and fashion. Privileging over all the authentic and low-production creation, in other words the "Handmade". The genuine and transcendental makes Strain Machines a specialist nucleus of indisputable producers, capable of delving into the depths of the urban essence.


Do you know the expression "Perfect Storm"?

This is a rare combination of events, which are not individually dangerous, but when put together, they result in an event of extreme magnitude. Well, this expression is precisely the one that describes us. Our origin dates back to 2007 when a group of independent breeders, marijuana farm workers, extreme athletes and visual artists met at a cannabis event that was taking place in northwestern California. As the night passed, it was not difficult for us to realize that each one had at their disposal top quality raw materials or a unique talent, which when combined, could not result in anything other than a product destined for success, since; The breeders and workers of marijuana farms had at their disposal the best cannabis genetics, contained in elite clones; Visual artists had a unique talent and limitless creativity; Extreme athletes have a way of seeing life where nothing is impossible and they dare to do things that push their bodies and mind to the limit. That is how we decided to get together and work to bring to the market a bank of high-end cannabis seeds, together with merchandising that serves as a canvas to show the world our unique artistic expressions, and finally, donate a part of the profits to a foundation that work with young talents in extreme sports. When we got down to work we realized that we had at our disposal a great variety of original genetics, that when crossing them, the possibilities of new varieties of cannabis would be endless, and for this reason, we call ourselves The Strain Machines, which in Spanish means "The strain-making machines."


Our mission is to work collaboratively with different companies and organizations that operate in the field of cannabis, the arts and extreme sports, in order to develop a variety of high-end products at a fair price.


Our vision is to collaborate with the decriminalization and regulation of marijuana in the world and demonstrate that this can contribute to the development of local economies, delivering the message that cannabis can not only be used to inhale it in search of a psychoactive experience, if not It is also possible, for example, to make different types of medicinal and cosmetic products with their essential extracts, with their fibers an infinity of products for textile and industrial use can be manufactured and their seeds can be used for human consumption since they are a good food supplement with an exceptional nutritional contribution.